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Update: We are back! Let’s Talk About School, Summer, and Life.

It’s been a while- almost a month since I’ve written, or typed. I know. I know. I am sorry. For what it’s worth, I have a good excuse- maybe a great one, even. You see, this semester of school has been the most difficult semester of my entire academic career thus far. Graduate school is unlike undergrad- the workload and expectations are tenfold. I have the upper hand of not “working” a 9-5 like some of my colleagues, but instead, I am at war with my tiny 3-year-old toddler during those hours.

War is the perfect word to describe the time spent with Mark. Not all of it was bad. We weren’t always yelling with one another, but we did have our moments where that was exactly what it was. During those few moments, we both found ourselves trying to handle each other at our worst- me trying to negotiate with a three-year-old to simmer down and make a decision on where to eat- we get it- and suddenly the world is ending. Poor Mark though, he had to handle me when I was overstimulated. Every mom everywhere understands that. For the record, we aren’t angry, just overwhelmed when that happens… so take that information and do with it what you will.

With my summer semester ending (today), and Mark’s school year beginning next week, I hope this comes as no surprise, but it’s a bittersweet close to our summertime adventures together. Most of the summer was spent doing things we both love. We traveled to our family home in Ohio and got to see some family. Mark experienced his first airplane ride and first summer camp adventure. I realized I am finally an adultier-adult. Mark got a new go-kart and I finished my summer semester with my Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

This summer seemed unusually hot compared to previous years. I know it’s annoying to hear because EVERYONE is saying it, but it is true. I felt like the heat, and the sun battering down on us limited our outdoor activities to either early mornings or late evenings. The nonprofit is growing and there are so many events and fundraisers coming up that there is just so much to be done and no time to do it. On days I had a ton of work, I took Mark to an indoor playground here in town. I know you’re probably judging me for it, but Mark had a blast, I was able to get work done, and we both got to spend time together playing in the ball pit, doing down the slide, building blocks, and driving cars. I think I may have even played with him more than I sat at the table and got work done.

This summer was so much fun- simple, but fun. Mark and I reconnected quite a bit (I think I am the favorite again), and made great strides in our own development. For instance, Mark is no longer getting Physical therapy weekly. He is down to once a month. Same with Occupational therapy. He is (finally) potty trained, and out of diapers. He makes his own waffles in the morning and will start laundry on his own. He has the chore of feeding Barron (our dog, and his best friend), and his language has boomed once again.

So much has happened this summer and I am sorry I wasn’t around to share it with you. In the coming weeks, I will begin a new journey of personal growth and physical wellness. I am looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for your support.